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You can't become an affiliate if you already have redeemed a code! (in this case, if you want to become an affiliate, you need to open a ticket.)

Think you have what it takes?

We are looking for dedicated players willing to grow and to get involved in the CS:GO community. We are not only looking for the best players, we are commited to help smaller players grow and gain more traction. We accept sponsorship requests from amateur to pro players.

Earn 1% of your referrals bets

We have developed a complete affiliate tracking program which allows us to track the number of referents users you brought to our website. Every time someone enters your code, he/she becomes your referral. You will automatically receive 1% of their bets in coins. You will be able to play your coins on csgotroop or to get more skins in the market.

What my followers will receive.

They will automatically receive 50 coins to play on csgotroop or to get more skins in the market when they redeem your special affiliate code.

How will they redeem my code?

It is simple, when you are logged in on our website, there is a section "Redeem Code" under the profile name in the top right corner.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of this journey and you are interested to join our sponsorship program, click on the button below.

Only players who own a copy of CS:GO can join this program.

Sorry, you cannot become an affiliate because you don't own CS:GO on your steam account.